Story of Herend Rothschild Bird decor

History of Herend Rothschild Bird Decor

The company’s Rothschild Bird pattern, first created in the 1860 and considered the ultimate example of porcelain handpainting, tells the story of the Baroness Rothschild and her lost pearl necklace.

Herend Rothschild Bird Place SettingsAccording to the story circulated among members of the affluent Rothschild family, the baroness lost her necklace one day in the lush garden of her Vienna residence. Several days later, the gardener found lovely little birds playing with the precious necklace in a tree. This unusual family anecdote became the inspiration for the twelve different motifs in the Rothschild Bird pieces, a collection intentionally created for the Rothschilds. Herend masterfully recreated the story with vibrant, handpainted illustrations on elegant, high-grade porcelain. You can find serving pieces, chargers, dinner plates, tea and coffee sets and even table accessories that are adorned by the emblematic Herend Rothschild Birds pattern.

The Rothschilds Had the World’s Largest Private Fortune

The Rothschild family descends from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who started his banking business in the 1760s. During the 1800s the family possessed the world’s largest private fortune. Several lines of the Austrian branch were elevated to the nobility, and a line from the British branch was given two hereditary titles of Baron and Baronet. After the 19th century, the family’s wealth declined, but the Rothschild’s are still present in different range of fields, such as finance, energy, real estate, farming and wine.

The Family Fell in Love with the Bird-Patterned Porcelain

The Rothschild family fell in love instantly with the bird-patterned Herend porcelain, thus ordered the collection in the 1850s. The members of the Rothschild family were important Customers and “Patrons” of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. The bird pattern was named Rothschild decor (RO) in honor of them in 1861.

The Birds Symbolize Love and Relationships

The diverse pattern constitutes of 12 different couple of birds, and it’s the nature lovers’ favourite pattern. The painted birds symbolize relationships, love and the two sexes finding each other. The couple of birds and the colourful butterflies and little bugs scattered around them create a real nature-like environment. Welsh princess Lady Diana also choose the bird-patterned porcelain for her wedding reception.

Blue and Green Are the Most Popular Colors

Today’s Rothschild decor can be created using a so-called fish-scale rim in multiple colors. The most popular colors are royal blue (RO-ETB decor) and light green (RO-ETV decor). Modern pattern is also available, like Dream Garden (REJA) decor manufactured since 2009. Youngsters and nature lovers are often amazed by these simple but beautiful patterns.


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