Easter in Herend! Welcome Spring!

Dear Herend Lovers!

This year Easter was much more different due to the pandemic and many of us stayed home to help to stop the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for all of your photos on social media about your beautiful home and Herend bunnies. It was wonderful to see that there are so many Herend Bunny fans around the world. #stayhome and continue to share your beautiful Herend Collections!


Here’s a little story of Easter and Symbol of Bunnies:

Although Easter is the largest celebration of the Christian Church, its origins go far beyond that. This is also indicated by its Anglo-Saxon name: “Easter” can be traced back to the word “Eostre”. Eostre was the goddess of spring and fertility, who, according to English medieval historian Bede Venerabilis, was mostly depicted with a rabbit’s head. The rabbit was a symbol of fertility, and today’s Easter is a celebration of spring and fertility. Of course, the incredible product range of the Herend Porcelain also includes fluffy-tailed sweet bunnies in a variety of patterns, both natural and scaled, and countless colour variations to become a little cuteness or a special gift for the long-awaited spring celebration.


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