Did you know which is Herend’s largest figurine ever?

The Birth of a monumental phoenix bird

The Herend Porcelain Manufactory will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its founding in 2026. On this occasion, a monumental work of art is created in each of the ten years preceding the glorious anniversary, thus paying tribute to the predecessors. A large ornamental fountain, a monumental dragon turtle figure winning a special prize at the Ambiente in Frankfurt, and a large rhinoceros hornbill were already made in recent years and another monumental work of art, a phoenix bird has been created in 2021.
The bravura porcelain work of art has impressive features: the production of the 150-centimeter high, 120-kilogram phoenix began in 2020, took 282 working days and about 50 colleagues participated in it. Three tons of plaster was needed to make the 29 moulds used in production, and a total of 580 kilograms of paste was needed to make the figure. For glazing, 11 litres of glaze was used and seven different colours – lemon yellow, wax yellow, iron red, blood red, pompadour, violet, and black – were painted on it.