All you need to know about Herend Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi decor

Is it called Chinese Bouquet or Apponyi?

Actually both. Herend’s one of both famous decor has now have over 10 decor variations and it was originally named after the famous customer who ordered it.

The origin of the Apponyi pattern was an exotic Herend design from the early years (already exhibited in Paris in 1867.), named “Indian Flower Basket” with tiny, intricate floral patterns and gracefully bending leaves surrounded by a stylised edge.

Herend-Indian Basket-Green-Dinner-Set

The timeless pattern was adapted from an earlier Herend décor for the Count, who requested that the dominant motif of the “Indian Flower Basket” design be enlarged and simplified.

The result is a dinner service that merges together oriental exoticism and the era’s bourgeois poise. The Chinese Bouquet name became famous in North-America because it was hard to pronounce the Apponyi name in English. Herend+Chinese+Bouquet+Green+Apponyi+DinnerwareThe originally green coloured Apponyi design today is available in a variety of vivid colours: the hand-painted pieces can be chosen in multicoloured or monochromatic versions with golden accent.


The enlarged main motif of the Fleurs des Indes (Flowers of the Indies) pattern, the peony – which was painted in the 1930s for the first time at the request of Count Albert Apponyi – combines the exoticness of the Far East and the feeling of well-balanced bour­geois lifestyle. The moderate Apponyi pattern started living a life on its own and became one of the most popular decorative elements of the motif collection of the Manufactory. In the spirit of innovation, a number of new colour variants were made in recent years, gold was sometimes replaced with platinum, making the classic legend a modern pattern for 21st century homes.

Multiple colour versions

During the 20th century, multiple colour variations were created.

  • AV – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Green
  • AB – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Blue
  • AB3 – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Sapphire Blue
  • AL – Apponyi Lilac
  • ANG – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Black Gold
  • AM – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Brown or Orange
  • AOG – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Rust
  • AJ – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Yellow
  • AP – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Pink or Raspberry
  • AF – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Multicolor
  • AV2 – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Green Motif
  • AP2 – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Soft Pink
  • ATQ3 – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Turquoise Platinum
  • ATQ – Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Turquoise


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