How to make a masterpiece Herend vase

The story of Herend’s iconic Calla vase

According to an old legend, when Eve left the Garden of Eden, Callas bloomed in the places where her tears of regret fell. We don’t know if it’s true, but it’s undoubtedly true that calla is a very elegant and delicate flower. We present its depiction on a masterpiece vase, where the contrast is well thought out, emphasizing, even more, the perfection of hand painting, and we even introduce you to the secrets of its production!

This vase is special because only the highly educated and experiences master artists of Herend first create the white porcelain in it’s special mould. After that they will glaze it and fire it. After the glazed white porcelain is ready the master-painter start the painting process with the background color, and fire it. The last 2 steps are the painting of the Calla flowers and the guilding and firing.

This vase is available in 4 colors.


Herend-Cala-Vase-Turquoise-Masterpiece-07153-0-00SP90-B (5)Herend-Cala-Vase-Black-Background-07153-0-00-SP90-A

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