Formula 1 Herend Trophy Broke at the Hungarian Grand Prix

When you hear the name “Herend”, people all over the world think of perfectly crafted luxury porcelain. The organizers of the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix share this sentiment and had once again entrusted Herend Porcelain Manufactory to design and create the victory trophies for this season’s Hungarian race. Herend has been providing the unique, hand-painted Hungarian Porcelain trophies for the Hungarian Grand Prix since 2006, and it’s a tradition the Drivers and Teams to look forward to.

Only one piece is created for each of the race winners and the approximate value of these Herend trophies are 40,000 Euro.


The production of these trophies takes about six months from the initial design to the final strokes of the painter’s brush. Each Herend porcelain trophy is a unique masterpiece, exclusively made for the Hungarian Grand Prix and reserved for the best Formula 1 drivers and teams, as well as a tribute to the main sponsor.

The traditional shape of the trophies has become an iconic symbol. The vases are in the neoclassical style, following the form of ancient vases, and they reflect the silhouette of the Hungaroring circuit. This year, a special pattern called “ezervirágos” (milles fleures) was chosen. It weaves through the snow-white porcelain surface in a brocade-like manner. Amidst the tangled branches of blossoming flowers, a flying paradise bird is depicted, symbolizing lightness, flight, and speed. The pattern dates back to the 19th century, and its color is a unique Herend pink/purple. It is adorned with precious metal and 18-carat matte gold. Owning one of these trophies means possessing a genuine work of art in a one-of-a-kind limitation! Obtaining the Herend Trophy is now considered a highly prestigious achievement.



This year was a very eventful race. After Max Verstappen’s record-breaking win with Red Bull at the Hungarian Grand Prix, he attended the celebrational ceremony, along with Lando Norris who finished the race second with Sergio Perez finishing third. The iconic champagne spray is the crowning moment for the top three drivers at each race and Norris joined Verstappen and third-place finisher Sergio Perez on the podium at the Hungaroring circuit.

While Verstappen and Perez drenched each other in fizz, Lando, the McLaren star picked up his bottle and wandered down next to the artistic trophy that had been handed to the race winner, Verstappen. Norris loosened the cork and then slammed his champagne on the first-place podium, sending the Verstappen’s trophy flying and eventually smashing on impact.

For a Herend collector or fan, these were horrifying seconds to watch.



A day after the post-race accident, the renowned Herendi Porcelain Manufactory (founded in 1826), promised to recreate the shattered trophy for Max Verstappen, the 38th Hungarian Grand Prix winner. Dr. Attila Simon, the company’s CEO, said that they regretted the fate of the trophy, but he believes Herendi plays an important role in building the Hungarian national image, therefore they will replace it.




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