Herend Porcelain in Canada

Since it’s foundation in 1826, the Herend Porcelain Manufactory has been making a wide variety of porcelain sets and ornamental pieces of the highest quality. By today it has become the largest manufacturer of it’s kind in the world u2013 where, observing centuries-old traditions, every work phase from throwing to painting is performed by attentive hands manually even today. With a free combination of 16,000 forms and 4,000 patterns the product range is inexhaustible. Every piece symbolizing exceptional quality, beauty and value.

Herend Porcelain Chinese Bouquet

CanHu International Ltd. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Herend Porcelain for over 10 years. We are a family business passionate about Hungarian traditional artworks and proudly represent Herend brand for over a decade.

Herend Porcelain hand painted since 1826

We pay special attention to the highest level customer service. We follow up every order with our partners and clients from planning to the delivery. We are in direct contact with every single customer to make sure they receive the best service. We help you to create the best dinner / tea or coffee set, pick your favourite figurines or choose the perfect gift for your loved ones.

In the course of history using and collecting porcelain was the privilege of aristocrats.

Why do we treat our customers like Royalty?
Because many of them are!

Herend Queen Victoria Tea set
  • The Royal Family of United Kingdom
  • The Emperor of Japan
  • The Sultan of Brunei
  • The Sultan of Oman
  • The King of Thailand
  • Several Presidents of the United States
  • The Habsburg Family
  • The Rothschild Family
  • The Lichtenstein Family

We are sure about You will be amazed by Herend Porcelain’s special porcelain miracles.

A porcelain with a History

Here are some of the important dates in the history of Herend Porcelain Manufactory

  • 1842 First Hungarian Applied Arts Exhibition, Budapest
  • 1845 Applied Arts Exhibition, Vienna
  • 1851 World Exposition, London
  • 1855 World Exposition, Paris
  • 1883 Arts Exhibition, Amsterdam
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