The CanHu International Ltd. has opened the first Herend brand store in Canada in 2008.

We would like to represent the world-famous Herend Porcelain Manufactury, which is operating for over 180 years. Herend presents in more than 60 countries, and as the world’s largest porcelain manufactory is the synonym of the individual, perfect porcelain which has been made with an artistic work, and also the synonym of luxury.

Herend is one of the few manufactories which fills individual requirements of those who can’t choose from more than 4000 decors, and 16000 shapes, or who wants a special gift to her/himself or the their loved ones.

The difference betweem CanHu Internatinal Ltd. and other Herend stores is that we would like to offer primarily discrete, limited series products for the Canadian community.

In the course of history using and collecting porcelain was the privilege of aristocrat’s.

For Example: The English Royal Family since Queen Victoria, House of Habsburg, etc.

Herend product are sold to gentlefolks or to famous companies up to this day.

Additionaly, not only the King of Belgium, Thailand, Spain, or American Presidental Family (Kennedy, Reagen) bought the Hungarian “White Gold”, but also famous stars, like: Celine Dion, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We’re sure about You will be amazed about Herend’ special porcelain miracles.