Bird’s nest – Reserve Collection


Dimensions (W×H×L): 120 × 85 × 170 mm (4.72 × 3.35 × 6.69 in)

Bird’s nest – Reserve Collection

Limited Edition Size = 200

Hopefully mother bird is an early riser and got her worm because she clearly has a hungry chick on her hands with more about to come! One thing she has to be less concerned about is safety because father bird created the perfect little home for this songbird family and wove a tight little nest hidden among the tree branches. Of course, like all discerning women, she tested his building skills first and only picked the suitor that offered her the best sanctuary. While the scene is sweetly familiar, what is new is the type of bird. Bird watchers should rejoice in seeing this recently discovered species which originated in Hungary but is starting to be spotted by birders all over North America. With dramatic plumage in raspberry, various shades of orange and 24K gold, sightings are starting to come in from east to west coast as this new species clearly establishes itself in a new location.

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