Cairo Masterpiece Wallplate – Limited to 50 pcs.

(USD 24324.75)

Dimensions (H×D): 85 × 460 mm (3.35 × 18.11 in)

Cairo Masterpiece Wallplate – Limited to 50 pcs.

The ornamentation of the objects was inspired by the motifs of a 17th century Middle Eastern-style tapestry. Its color scheme is dominated
by green, which is the color of nature, thereby life and rebirth. It symbolizes progression, harmony and fertility. There is a strong emotional
connection between the green color and security, furthermore, it possesses great soothing effect being the most relaxing color for the
human eye. The ornaments remind observers and customers of the nature’s fragility, harmony, abundance and selfless giving. They proudly
represent the nearly two centuries of Herend masters’ knowledge and the innovative power of Herend porcelain. The decoration looks like
a tapestry from a tale of One Thousand and One Nights coming alive on porcelain.

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