Cake Plate – Dream Garden 12.8″

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Dimensions (W×H×L): 285 × 35 × 325 mm (11.22 × 1.38 × 12.8 in)

Cake Plate – Dream Garden 12.8″

The modern version of the classic Rothschild Bird hand-painted with 24k gold birds and nature on the rim of the fine porcelain plate.

The Dream Garden is based on the separation of living and non-living elements and highlights the magical momentums of the original Rothschild “Bouquets”, synthesizing a new content to build a garden, one that we can only dream of. Here birds and trees become treasures as precious as gold. Grass grows both upwards and downwards from the clump of grass, the pearl necklace hanging from the branch defies gravity, the silver-grey weed blossoms into a yellow fluffy ball, magnificent purple leaves are sprouting on the dead tree branch and in this dreamlike space the tiny, timid birds genuinely merge into nature.

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