Carps at Dragon’s Gate – Fishnet Rust & Gold Masterpiece

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Dimensions (W×H×L): 105 × 180 × 195 mm (4.13 × 7.09 × 7.68 in)

Carps at Dragon’s Gate – Fishnet Rust & Gold Masterpiece

In the Shanxi Province of China, the most spectacular in a series of steep gorges that squeeze the languid Yellow River into a raging torrent is called Dragon’s Gate. It is common for carp to gather there. The name of the gorge arises from the belief that any carp which can surmount the waterfalls in the area will go on to soar into the sky and transform itself into a dragon which is the most powerful and divine creature in all of Chinese mythology.

The carp is the only fish with the strength and courage to swim against such rapid currents and therefore it has come to symbolize perseverance and achievement. In fact, the expression “Carp jumping over the Dragon Gate” is often used as a metaphor for students who have passed their examinations. In Feng Shui, carp represent success, prosperity and good fortune. When presented as a pair, the double carp also symbolize harmony and marital bliss.
With Herend’s interpretation, the difficulty of the task at hand is aptly conveyed by the angry blue rapids which appear to be reaching up to tear the carp back down. The ornate gold gates with the vivid rust detailing beckon with their promise of good fortune to come. On the carp themselves, the use of the strong rust color contrasted with the gold fishnet captures the energy of the fish and the vibrancy of the sun’s rays cascading off the wet and iridescent fish scales as the carp struggle upstream. Available Exclusively at Herend Canada the figurine is 7.5” long and 7.25” tall.

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