Pasta Bowl Chinese Bouquet Apponyi Blue


Dimensions (H×D): 90 × 315 mm (3.54 × 12.4 in)

Diameter: 31,5 cm

This decor is Herend Porcelain’s most famous one, originally designed for Count Albert Apponyi, Hungary’s famous businessman for whom this simplified version of Indian BasketFleurs des Indes was first prepared. The Apponyi / Chinese Bouquet décor comes in green colour variant. The Apponyi pattern comes in several different colours. The artists of Herend paint variants in purple, powder pink, green, orange, blue, yellow, lilac, maroon, black, turquoise and a combination of colours.

Made in Hungary Hand-painted by Herend artists. Free Shipping to Canada and the US.

Pasta Bowl Chinese Bouquet Apponyi Blue colour



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