Cryptex – Persian Signed Masterpiece

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Cryptex – Persian Signed Masterpiece

This mechanical device constructed from the famous Herend Porcelain Manufacture. It is inspired by the cryptex appeared in the story of “The Da Vinci Code”

The cryptex is a cylindrical container with a combination lock to keep secret
scrolls. In the Middle Ages, its function was to keep couriers from reading
the messages – as only the sender and the addressee knew the passwords.
Should the courier try to break the cryptex, vinegar from an ampoule inside the
container flowed all over the scroll, erasing the message altogether. At least,
according to the legend known from Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, where
the invention is attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. This mysterious device seems
to continue to fascinate people in the 21st century. It is perhaps because now,
in the age of mass production and copying, anything that represents spiritual
value because of its uniqueness is appreciated even more. And this is what the
secret and its keeper have in common – it is their spirit that they share.

The Manufactory’s enthralling new products of 2012, the cryptexes ornamented
with Herend porcelain are made in a desk-size version. Rather
than containers for carrying messages, their function is now more to keep
the secrets and treasures of families or businesses. Company leaders can
use them to keep copies of their firm’s deeds of foundation, documents
recording the company’s mission and values. Keeping them in a cryptex
expresses the document’s value and the owner’s esteem. At the same time,
family trees can also be kept in a cryptex, to be passed on to their eldest
child, the future head of the family, to record new births and marriages in
the family. This is how over the centuries a cryptex becomes the foundation
stone of a dynasty, a family with a great past – this container preserves the
family tree drawn and written by each generation, and also keeps messages
and memoirs.
It takes three months and the expertise of craftsmen of 14 different trades
to make a cryptex. As these objects have to preserve their shine and precision
for centuries, they are made from non-corroding durable materials,
such as brass, chromium and magnesium alloys, as well as stainless steel
and gold. The cylinder consists of seven parts. The outermost part is the
combination lock, with six rings bearing the letters of the alphabet. The container
inside is accessible only with a password. The metallic character is
softened and made more noble by the hand-painted porcelain. Only cryptexes
made in cooperation with the Herend Porcelain Manufactory feature
these fine ornaments. They are available with several patterns, in various
colours, and also with individual painting, such as portraits, family coats of
arms, names or quotes

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