Snowy Owl

With the snow tempering all other sounds, only the wind can be heard whistling through the wide, open spaces that this snowy owl likes to call home. A patient hunter, this female or immature male (based on the markings) thinks nothing of spending hours perched on a fence post waiting for its next meal. Contrary to most of their cousins on the family tree, snowy owls are active during the day and take full advantage of the long days of an arctic summer to feed on lemmings, their favorite food, and other small mammals. While diminutive members of the animal kingdom would therefore not consider themselves a fan, there is much to admire in this new figurine from the artists at Herend.


105 mm (4.13 inch)


240 mm (9.45 inch)


165 mm (6.5 inch)

(USD 1771.5)

Limited Edition Size = 200