Herend Porcelain – Beauty to be treasured forever

Herend porcelain is the permanent decoration of the offices and homes of emperors, filmstars, athletes, business people and collectors with a fine taste. It is not by accident that their owners hold the handcrafted product of the Manufactory that has enjoyed great popularity for nearly 200 years in such high esteem.

Handcrafting is not a new activity in Herend. Experienced craftsmen, often continuing family traditions of porcelain creation, have been holding and handing over the secrets of the precious pieces of the Manufactory.

Each year, Herend is introducing new products, and today, when most of the objects are resulted by mass, automated production, Herend is still able to show the real, timeless values of slow life and design.
Therefore, a Herend porcelain is never just a simple object for everyday use. It is always a unique work of art.

Most famous Herend Decors

Queen Victoria – Royal Family Decor

Herend Queen Victoria - History

Herend Queen Victoria – History

The Queen Victoria decor (VBO) Herend Service is a modern design of the original VICTORIA Herend pattern. VICTORIA pattern was presented in England 1851 where it won the “Golden Prise” and Queen Victoria of England ordered it for her Castle at Windsor. This is a modern version of the original, with lighter colours and dominant Gold edges. This decor has been the top favourite in North-America for over 30 years. We offer all tableware shapes with this decor including place settings – which could be bespoke size, serving pieces, and accessories. We also offer home decor pieces such as hand painted vases, decor dishes, candle holders and the list is endless.

Chinese Bouquet – Apponyi Decor

Herend Porcelain Chinese Bouquet Green Tea Set

Herend Porcelain Chinese Bouquet Green Tea Set

The Apponyi pattern Herend Service is one of the most known Herend Design. The Apponyi is originated from Count Albert Apponyi, who custom-ordered the design the first time. Purple, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Lilac, Maroon, Gray, Turquoise and combination of colours are available. Painted with Peony Rose decor surrounded by leaves.

he centre of the plate shows a motif in Chinese style: the Fleurs des Indes (Flowers of the Indies) motif of a peony surrounded by leaves. Originally created in 1930 in raspberry coloration for Count Albert Apponyi, the pattern features a center motif of a stylized peony surrounded by a garland of leaves with 24K gold rosettes. On the ledge there is a contoured pattern of a flower surrounded by six leaves, decorated with sparkling flecks of gold. The origin of the pattern is associated with Count Albert Apponyi, for whom this simplified version of Fleurs des Indes was first prepared. It is available in multiple colour options.

Rothschild Bird

12 versions of Herend Rothschild Bird Dinnerware

12 versions of Herend Rothschild Bird Dinnerware

Rothschild Bird (RO) Herend Services are originally coming from the family story of the Rothschilds. The famous Pair of Birds and the Golden Necklace is beloved decor since many years. Tea Services, Dinner Services, Coffee-Sets and Mocca-Sets are available.

This pattern was first created in 1850 for the Rothschild family of Europe and is considered by many to be the epitome of hand painting on porcelain. Twelve different motifs portray a 19th century tale about Baroness Rothschild who lost her pearl necklace in the garden of her Vienna residence. Several days later it was found by her gardener, who saw birds playing with it in a tree.