Herend Figurine Grizzly Bear and Baby Reserve Collection

(USD 2979)

Dimensions (W×H×L): 95 × 175 × 215 mm (3.74 × 6.89 × 8.46 in)

Herend Figurine Grizzly Bear and Baby Reserve Collection

Limited Edition of 150.

While this mother & baby are a North American subspecies of the brown bear, they are more commonly known as “grizzly” bears. As to the origin of their name, the bears can thank none other than Lewis & Clark whose journals mention a “grisley” bear no doubt referring to these majestic symbols of the wild whose grizzled appearance is caused by the long guard hairs on their backs and shoulders frequently having white tips. The fur of these bears is often dark brown but can vary from light brown to black. To properly reflect this vibrant, complex coat, the artists at Herend have developed a new fishnet painting technique featuring dramatic drops of gold on top of swatches of undulating shades of brown and rust fishnet. The baby is clearly a chip off the old block with hints of the mature coat colors yet to come.

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