Herend Giant Turtle of Eternity Figurine – Limited Edition

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Dimensions (W×H×L): 700 × 780 × 1170 mm (27.56 × 30.71 × 46.06 in)

Turtle of eternity Figurine

Limited Edition Masterpiece – Signes and Comes with Certificate of Number and Origin
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This special, well-known figurine among Feng Shui lovers has been created in exclusive design by Erika Éles-Varga, designer of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. The Dragon headed turtle is a symbol with multiple meanings. Dragon symbolizes strength and good luck, while Turtle represents long life, wisdom and with its armor security In Feng Shui, it should look outwards from the house by day, and be turned to look inwards after sunset. We must respect the Dragon headed turtle because it can make our dreams come true! Its specialty is that while the figurine is bound to the terrestrial sphere, its decoration is connected to the air since it portrays crane as main motif. The main meanings associated with crane are luck, good blessing and the fulfilment of something. Crane can also be connected with family values and it means honor, loyalty and peace as well.

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