Herend Masterpiece Vase With Panthers, button knob . Limited to 25 pcs.

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The arabesque ornamentation of the vase includes a panoramic landscape with motifs of gemsbok. This species is the largest of the antelopes, so it is regarded as a major trophy among hunters. The main ornament, a series of repetitive arabesques, is painted with 24-carat gold, which is polished. The individual arabesques are linked by cross-curved lines depicting stylized the wind’s play and the rhythm of waving of desert dunes and sand. This garland as a wrap-around ornamentation especially runs on the edges of the image and frames it. The deep purple fond is made particularly elegant by the noble glitter of gold giving spatial effect to the landscape. Influenced by gold, the deep purple fond shifts towards warm color effect fitting the mood of desert. The arabesques appear on almost each element of the ornamental vase giving frame and rhythm to the ornamentation. Perfect realism for lovers of specialties!

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