Herend Moose Figurine Reserve Collection

(USD 4495.38)

Dimensions (W×H×L): 155 × 255 × 330 mm (6.1 × 10.04 × 12.99 in)

Herend Moose Figurine Reserve Collection

Brand new in 2020 Herend designed a special Reserved Collection Herend Fishnet Moose figurine – Limited to 150 pcs.

11.75″L X 5.75″W X 9.75″H

Handmade in Hungary. Available with gift box and certificate of limitation

Rather than turning away, this moose is making sure he has been spotted. He has always been proud of his antlers because he knows that he is unique among the deer family for having broad, palmate (open-hand shaped) antlers rather than the twig-like antlers his cousins on the family tree exhibit. Plus, he knows the ladies are very size-conscious during courtship. Now that his antlers have been painted in gold, combined with a fascinating, ombré fishnet treatment on his body, he is confident that no other bull will match him for style this mating season.

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