Herend Olympic Elk Figurine

(USD 2400)

Dimensions (W×H×L): 150 × 155 × 250 mm (5.91 × 6.1 × 9.84 in)

Beautiful masterpiece Olympic elk figurine is hand-painted with multicolour fishnet decor. The figurine comes with a certificate of origin and Herend gift box.

Ships within 1-2 months and FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE to Canada and the US.

Why is it called Olympic Elk? Known as Roosevelt Elk or Olympic Elk, the largest unmanned herd resides in Olympic National Park in Washington State, The skilled Herend Artisans hand-paint an ombre fishnet painting style to capture the elk’s signature camouflage coat starting as dark brown at the head becoming paler on the body and ends with a distinctive light-coloured rump

  • Limited Edition of 150 Pieces Worldwide / Handpainted in Herend Hungary / Presented in Herend Boxing

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