Herend Rabbit on Cabbage Leaf Fishnet Colors

Endearing figurines meek and bold, large and small, demure and majestic eagerly await the chance to melt your heart and warm your home. Each is brought to life by the skilled hands of artisans crafting and painting these charming porcelain creatures. The famous fishnet decor adorning many of the animals took form in 1858 when a Herend painter became inspired by a fish scale design he saw on a Chinese porcelain plate and painted a similar pattern onto a rooster figurine to imitate feathers. The rest is history, with the fishnet design now a Herend signature prized worldwide.
  • Enhanced by accents of 24k gold.
  • All hand painted designs by master artisans.
  • Dimensions: 2 inches high x 4 1/2 inches long.

50 mm (1.97 inch)


90 g (0.2 lbs)


120 mm (4.72 inch)


VHP – Fishnet Pink/Raspberry, Fishnet Black VHNM, Fishnet Blue VHB, Fishnet Green (VHV), Fishnet Butterscotch-VHJM, VH – Fishnet Rust

(USD 378.48)

VHP - Fishnet Pink/Raspberry
Fishnet Black VHNM
Fishnet Blue VHB
Fishnet Green (VHV)
Fishnet Butterscotch-VHJM
VH - Fishnet Rust
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