Herend Reserve Collection Kaleidoscope Tesserae Tortoise

(USD 3359.25)

Dimensions (W×H×L): 140 × 85 × 220 mm (5.51 × 3.35 × 8.66 in)

Herend Reserve Collection Kaleidoscope Tesserae Tortoise

Limited to 100 pcs. Hand-painted in Hungary, Herend Porcelain Manufactory. Comes with Gift Box and Certificate of Origin. Ships within 8-10 weeks.

Was there perhaps a detail of that famous race between the tortoise and hare that was never made public? Physical evidence would seem to indicate that the tortoise also prevailed by distracting his opponent with his vividly painted shell. One could almost feel empathy for the hare since the kaleidoscope treatment on the shell with its pretty swirls and bright colors would certainly sidetrack even the most focused of individuals as depicted in Herend’s latest rendition. Limited edition of 100.

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