Herend Reserve Swirl Hen – Reserve Collection


Dimensions (W×H×L): 92 × 184 × 132 mm (3.62 × 7.24 × 5.2 in)

Herend Reserve Swirl Hen – Reserve Collection

Limited Edition 100.

While the hands are busy, the artistic mind wanders to dreams of a variation on a theme of fishnet. Not quite a revolt, but after 153 years of painting the fishnet pattern, the creative team at Herend wanted to spread their wings. A chance to make a change at once both subtle and bold where a quick glance would still reflect the rhythmic pattern of fishnet but further scrutiny would reveal an altered state. Similar to the way the internal mirrors of a kaleidoscope adjust reality and reflect things back in a new geometric fashion, the artists at Herend pushed fishnet to the furthest corners of their imagination to see what they could find. Many new patterns were created and two were deemed dramatic enough to make their debut. It was a rooster figurine in 1858 which first enticed a painter to dress a figurine in Herend’s signature fishnet pattern. Of course, the ensuing fame only added to the rooster’s bravado around the farmyard. With word of two new patterns making their grand entrance in 2011, the long-suffering hens marched on the manufactory and demanded equal time in the spotlight. They are proud to feature one of their own in a dramatic debut of swirls and curls and kaleidoscope dreams.
Measures 5″ long x 7¼” h.

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