Herend Sea Urchin – Reserve Collection

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Dimensions (W×H×L): 155 × 95 × 160 mm (6.1 × 3.74 × 6.3 in)

Herend Sea Urchin – Reserve Collection

Limited Edition to 150 pcs. Masterpiece comes with Gift Box, Certificate of Origin and Free Shipping Service

“A whim, a daydream, a moment of impulse and a new variation on fishnet is born. Not one to be complacent, the artists at Herend are always looking to push the boundaries of creativity. They have given traditional fishnet the appearance of undulating waves which enhances the aquatic theme. Beautiful shades of blue pulled from the deepest oceanic depths to the effervescent surface above complete this beautiful figurine. Limited Edition of 150. In 1874, a Herend artist picked up his tools to try to mimic a Chinese plate’s fish scale design and the illustrious fishnet pattern was born. Porcelain from Hungary, handmade and handpainted with 24k gold accents.

Measures 6 ½”” diameter x 3 ½”” h. “

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