Herend Tiger and Dragon – Limited Edition to 200 pcs.

Limited to 200 tea sets, these animals representing dominance, masculinity and strength can be seen together on Herend porcelain pieces, softened by hiding in stylized plants. In Chinese symbolism, both animals are yang meaning they are connected to the masculine principle. They are similar to each other as they embody strength, kindness, courage, consistence and endurance. What is more, tiger is the king of animals in China while dragon is the Emperor’s emblem.
02510000TIDRDessert plate560.92      1,122
03404025TIDRTeapot, rabbit knob1242.01      1,242
03444000TIDRCreamer460.71         461
03472200TIDRTeacup460.72         921
02744100TIDRSaucer200.32         401
03475200TIDRSugar basin, without lid420.71         421
07619000TIDRTray1081.71      1,082
Total amount of setCAD     5,649

(USD 4293.24)