Herb Garden/Jardin des herbes (JDHIG)

Herb garden – JDHIG
This subtly elegant, meticulously painted, pastel-colored Herend pattern was inspired by nowadays ever popular herb gardens. This brand new, specially developed form has Far Eastern origins. Form and pattern give a rendezvous to each other, they are traditional yet innovative. This creation lets the snow-white porcelain shine while the depicted plants and herbs are elaborated in great detail. We can almost smell the scent of pollen, spices and herbs. The pattern depicts well-known herbs as blackberry, peppermint, rue, coriander, rosemary and marjoram painted with in-glaze technique. It can be a perfect choice for lovers of elegance, modernity and nature.

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  • Herend-Serving-Dish-Herb-Garden-03047-0-00 JDHIG
  • Herend-Porcelain-Creamer-Herb-Garden-03044-0-00 JDHIG
  • Herend-Creamer-80ml-Small-03036-0-00 JDHIG
  • Herend Dessert Plate - JDHIG
  • Herend Dinner Plate - JDHIG
  • Herend Mug w. Relief JDHIG
  • Herend Oval Dish w. Relief
  • Herend Serving Dish- JDHIG - Jardin des herbes - Herb Garden
  • Herend-Herb-Garden-Sugar-JDHIG
  • Herend Soup Plate w. Relief - JDHIG
  • Herend Sugar Basin w. Isetan Relief - JDHIG
  • Herend Teacup and Saucer - JDHIG
  • Herend-Herb-Garden-Teapot-425 ml
  • Herend 2018 Collection Teapot with Isetan Relief (6 cups) - JDHIG
  • Teaset for 2 - Herb Garden - Jardin des herbes
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