New Dinnerware 2019

Brand new decors and shapes of tabletop sets designed by the most talented artists of Herend – Butterflies and Queen Victoria new decors. Check them all and order now! Free Shipping options available!

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  • herend-fishnet-after-dinner-cup-blue_lg
  • herend-fishnet-creamer-blue_lg
  • 02723-2-00 PLIG Butterfly Teacup and Saucer FLuttering Spirits
  • Dinner Plate - Butterfly Fluttering Spirits 02537-0-00 PLIG
  • 00524-0-00 VICTP2 Herend China Butterfly Dinnerware Pastel Victoria
  • 20524-0-00 VICTF2 Pastel Victoria Flower Herend China Dinner Plate
  • 02459-0-00 VBO Herend Cheese Board - Queen Victoria Dimensions: 20 cm * 13 cm Handpainted with Queen Victoria's favourite decor hand painted with peony roses and butterflies.
  • 02459-0-00 RO Herend Rothschild Birds Cheese Board
  • Herend Porcelain Art Deco Fishnet Blue Milkjug 02657-0-00 VHNKB
  • Royal Elegance Limited Edition Tea Set
  • Sandwich tray - Art Deco Fishnet Blue Herend's new decor decorated with classic Herend Fishnet's Art Decor version designed in 2019. The legend is reborn! Available in Dinner sets, tea sets and coffee sets.
  • 07752-0-00 MEVHS2 Shell Fishnet Green
  • Herend Butterfly Bowl 02359-0-00 PLIG
  • Soup plate - Butterfly Fluttering Spirits 02539-0-00 PLIG
  • herend-fishnet-tureen-blue_lg
  • herend-fishnet-covered-sugar-bowl-blue_lg
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