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  • Bonbon, open-work, rose knob - Royal Blue and Gold Hand painted open work bonbon decorated with navy blue and 24k gold decoration. Perfect gift for any occation. All Herend home decor pieces come with gift packaging and Certificate of Origin.
  • 06214-0-17 CPTB Bonbonniere, open-work, Butterfly knob - Platinum Blue Hand cut and hand painted in Herend Porcelain Manufactory. Comes with gift packaging and certificate.
  • Herend-Bonbonniere-Blue-Butetrfly-Knob-06214017C12
  • Bowl - Royal Garden Flower
  • 02315-0-00 VHNKN Cake Plate Art Deco Black
  • Cake Plate - New Fishnet Blue Diameter: 32.5 cm * 28.5 cm Handpainted with Herend's brand new Fishnet decor with 24k gold accents - Available in pink, rust, green, black, butterscotch as well!
  • Charger Plate - FIshn Scale Colors
  • art deco herend-fishnet-charger-service-plate-blue_lg
  • 02330-0-00 VHNKN Herend Cereal Bowl Art Deco Black
  • Cereal Bowl - Art Decor Fishnet Blue
  • Chinese Bouquet Blue - Butter dish, lemon knob
  • Bonbonniere, Egg-shaped
  • Herend-porcelain-Chinese-Bouquet-Blue-Apponyi-Serving-Bowl-20cm
  • Herend-Porcelain-Chinese-Bouquet-Blue-00503-0-00-AB-2
  • Turkey Platter - Rothschild Bird
  • Large Vase w. Gold Swan handles (Assorted Decors)
  • herend-fishnet-creamer-blue_lg
  • 02518-0-00 ARt Deco Black
  • Herend's new decor decorated with classic Herend Fishnet's Art Decor version designed in 2019. The legend is reborn! Available in Dinner sets, tea sets and coffee sets.
  • Herend Humpty Dumpty - Fishnet Blue
  • herend-fishnet-blue place settings
  • Medium Fish Dish - Rothschild Bird Blue
  • Herend Porcelain Art Deco Fishnet Blue Milkjug 02657-0-00 VHNKB
  • 02102-0-00 VHNKN Oval Dish - Art Deco Fishnet Black
  • 02102-0-00 VHNKB Art Decor Fishnet Blue
  • 02505-0-00 VHNKN Art Deco Black Soup Plate
  • herend-fishnet-rherend-fishnet-rim-soup-bowl-blue ART DECOim-soup-bowl-blue_lg
  • Art Deco Grey Soup Plate 02505-0-00 VHNKG
  • Soup tureen, twisted knob 3.5 l / 118 oz - Art Deco Fishnet Black
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