Queen Victoria Place Setting with Serving Plates

(USD 1556.25)

Herend fine china Place Setting / 6 Piece – Herend Queen Victoria VBO design.

The Place Setting contains the following fine china items:

  • 1 pc – Serving Plate – diam 33 cm (13″D) 20156-0-00 E-508 – Green edge
  • 1 pc – Dinner Plate – diam 28 cm (11″D) 527-0-00 VBO
  • 1 pc – Soup Plate – diam 23.5 cm (9.25″D) 504-0-00 VBO
  • 1 pc – Dessert Plate – diam 19 cm (7.5″D) 517-0-00 VBO
  • 1 pc – Tea Cup – vol 2 dl (6 OZ) 730-2-00 VBO
  • 1 pc – Saucer – diam 14.5 cm (5.75″D) 706-1-00 VBO

Total: 6 pieces Herend porcelain items

Herend Queen Victoria VBO design painted in Peony Flowers and Butterflies.
Queen Victoria VBO pattern is available in Tea, Coffee, Espresso Sets and Dinner Services as well.
About the Design – Queen Victoria

What is perhaps Herend’s most famous pattern is made up of almost a hundred kinds of stylized butterflies and springs of blossom, painted in cheerful and lively colours. The combination of red, blue, purple, yellow and green butterflies, flowers and sprigs makes a cavalcade for the green of a meadow.
The décor Victoria was unveiled at the Great Exhibition in London 1851, where it scored a huge success. The recognition meant not only a gold medal form the jury, but a commission from the person who gave her name to the decor. Queen Victoria ordered a table service in the pattern for the Windsor Castle.

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