Return/Exchange/Cancellation Policy

Each and every items are ordered from Herend Porcelain Manufactury (Hungary), therefore we after you issued your order we always contact to you to make sure that you ordered the piece which you really desired. Please be aware that every Herend piece is an artwork created by the artists of Herend, therefore our pictures are pieces which has already been created in the past. Slight color and shade differences and motif modification might occur. As every Herend piece has been hand painted please be aware that not every line of painting are 100% exact, as no machine has been involved during the painting process. We will do our very best to communicate how your artwork will look lie in real life, and please understand that we cannot accept complaints about the style of painting. All orders are final purchases, no refund available. We can only only accept returns if it the package is un-opened and proven to be damaged during shipping to your delivery address. If there’s any other issue (damage, loss) with your shipment we accept complains within 24 hours days from the date you received the shipment. Your expected delivery time is available in your tracking information which we send you on the day when we issued your parcel. Every piece goes through many stages of hand made and hand painted artwork, and we order your piece right away so it could arrive as soon as possible to you. Therefore we cannot accept cancellation requests. Therefore we cannot accept cancellations. All orders placed on the website will be processed once you complete the checkout process. However, we’ll do our best to accommodate you if you need to make changes. Please contact customer service within 24 hours from the date of your order. We occassionally allow 50% non-refundable deposit for orders before it has been produced and 50% balance before shipping. Please note, that in the event of 50% deposit has been payed we place the special order and we cannot cancel the order. If you decide to not to pay 50% balance amount before the shipping we unfortunately cannot refund your deposit amount. All orders are final purchases. If you have any questions about our policies please contact us at or +1-416-850-8929
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