Masterpiece Dragon (big) – Limited Edition to 100 pcs.

(USD 8532.37)

This dragon was made for Frankfurt’s Ambiente International Fair in 2014, and it is limited into 100 pieces.


Masterpiece Dragon (big) – Limited Edition to 100 pcs.

The gold and black pattern of the dragon was originally the pattern of a Schrammel carnival figurine.

In the chinese mythology the dragon was the symbol of the Emperor and its appearance was strictly determined.

They respected the dragon as the symbol of wisdom and power.

Its 9 fixed anatomical characteristics are:

  • the horn of the dragon has to be the horn of a deer
  • its head is the head of a camel
  • its scales are the scales of a carp
  • it has the paw of a tiger
  • the claw of an eagle
  • the ear of a cow
  • the neck of a snake
  • its eyes are the eyes of a demon
Additional information

220 mm (8.66 inch)


335 mm (13.19 inch)




250 mm (9.84 inch)


1865 g (4.11 lbs)