Vienna Rose – Table Bell

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Vienna Rose – Table Bell

The Biedermeier style Vieille Rose de Herend (also known as Habsbourg Rose)decoration is imbued with civic charm and subdued elegance. The border of the wavy brim of these porcelains with a snow white fond is framed with a narrower and a wider green band with tiny parsley leaves on the border between the bands. The centre is decorated with a Blossoming Red stemmed Rose painted with semi-transparent strokes of the brush, surrounded by Tiny Parsley motives. This Habsburg Rose pattern evoking the atmosphere of 19th century civic homes with their

striped wall-papers, furniture and fine lace covers is the favourite of customers even today by virtue of its gentleness and modesty. The motif also known as the Habsburg Rose has been employed by Herend since 1862. As a sign of imperial favour, Herend remained an appointed supplier to the Habsburg Court, right up till the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in 1918. The charm and modesty of the ” Old Rose of Herend ” have kept it popular to the present day. This Décor possible to order instead of green with gilded rim.

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70 mm (2.76 inch)


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70 mm (2.76 inch)


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