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Bonbonniere, Egg-shaped – Herend Home Decor

Herend Giftware Collection - Egg Shaped Bonbon with assorted hand painted decors.Herend hand crafts porcelain dinnerware and home accessories adorned in a variety of hand painted patterns. Favorite patterns in the U.S. include Queen Victoria, introduced in 1851 and named for her royal majesty after she purchased a large set for Windsor Castle; Rothschild Bird, created for the European banking family in 1860 to portray a legend about Baroness Rothschild losing her pearl necklace in the family garden; and Chinese Bouquet, designed in 1930 for Hungarian Count Albert Apponyi . From the very beginning, Herend’s animal figurines painted in a fishnet design took the U.S. by storm. Now, over 50 years later, the ranks of enthusiasts clamoring for figurines in the signature Herend fishnet pattern continue to multiply.

Royal Garden (EVICT1), Queen Victoria – VBO, Petite Blue Garland (PBG), Rothschild Bird-1 (RO-1)



(USD 164.25 - 497.25)

Royal Garden (EVICT1)
Queen Victoria - VBO
Petite Blue Garland (PBG)
Rothschild Bird-1 (RO-1)