Skull Bookend Platinum Figurine

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Dimensions (W×H×L): 125 × 160 × 200 mm (4.92 × 6.3 × 7.87 in)

Skull Bookend Platinum Figurine

Perfect gift for Him! 360 flip view:

The classic figurine in a modern design platinum realistic hand-painted figurine which makes a figurine feel like it’s made of metal. Made in Hungary in Herend Porcelain Manufactory

Do you know why platinum is the most expensive precious metal? It was discovered in 1736 by Spanish astronomer de Ulloa. It became the metal of the millennium and one of the raw materials for expensive jewelry. In the spirit of innovation and in line with the expectations of the modern age, platinum also appeared on Herend porcelain. Its bright shine does not change over time and gives Herend porcelain a sparkling glitter, even decades later. The Herend platinum collection consists of exclusive, dominant, and perfectly glittering masterpieces!

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