Herend Butterfly Dish – Royal Garden Butterfly

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Herend Butterfly Dish – Royal Garden Butterfly

Modern-age variations of the Queen Victoria Decor he Herend Porcelain most renowned pattern that celebrates its 160th Anniversary in 2011. Familiar to many, the classic, eternal pattern is now presented in a more contemporary setting with a focus on the Peony, Butterfly and Flower arrangement Motifs, the play of colours enchanting their Aesthetics. They redesigned this decor for Prince William and Princess Catherine’s Royal Wedding. The Hungarian government gifted a dinner set as a wedding gift.

In Chinese tradition Butterflies represent Immortality, since Taoism regards Wings as the expression of Eternity. The adorned Wings and Beauty of the magnificent Butterflies symbolize Grace, whereas their Flittering represents the development of the Soul. Both are perfectly complemented by the other decorative components on the VICTORIA pattern porcelain.

Tones on a bright white porcelain surface makes these pieces modern, thereby opening new dimensions for the eternal pattern. The pairing of the two sets of tones is a rare and innovative touch, as cool and warm colours are complimentary and their combined use creates a perfect harmony. The Colour Purple – used in both versions – is the Colour of Royalty and Symbol of Life, it is Magical, Mystical, Spiritual, Intuitive, Sensitive, Creative, Artistic and Esoteric. On a bright white canvas spiced with a unique play of colours, a Classic is now Reborn in the 21st Century.


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