Elephant with Mouse – Fast Friends – Animal Figurine

Herend figurines are exquisite, heirloom-quality pieces made of hard-paste porcelain. The Herend factory has been producing the highest-quality porcelain since 1826. Their pieces can be found in palaces and museums throughout the world. Herend is reknown for their beautiful fishnet designs and and lively colors. Each figure is hand painted by expert painters and fired at multiple times to achieve the white, translucent porcelain for which Herend is famous. From the artists to the painters, modellers and potters, Herend figurines are highly sought after luxury pieces of art.

VHP – Fishnet Pink/Raspberry, Fishnet Blue VHB, Fishnet Green (VHV), Fishnet Key Lime (VHV2)


55 mm (2.17 inch)


110 mm (4.33 inch)


360 mm (14.17 inch)

(USD 657.4)

VHP - Fishnet Pink/Raspberry
Fishnet Blue VHB
Fishnet Green (VHV)