Herend Santa Bunny – Fishnet Colors

Perfect gift for Christmas this cute Santa Bunny figurine. Free Shipping in US and Canada.
Herend Porcelain figurine collection is completely handpainted by talented artisans at the Herend factory in Hungary with each detailed piece trimmed in 24kt. gold. Renowned the world over for their skilled porcelain artisans and elegant quality productions since 1826.
Dimensions: 2.25"L X 3.25"H

55 mm (2.17 inch)


45 g (0.1 lbs)


80 mm (3.15 inch)


VHP – Fishnet Pink/Raspberry, Fishnet Black VHNM, Fishnet Blue VHB, Fishnet Green (VHV), Fishnet Key Lime (VHV2), Fishnet Butterscotch-VHJM, VH – Fishnet Rust

(USD 405.75)

VHP - Fishnet Pink/Raspberry
Fishnet Black VHNM
Fishnet Blue VHB
Fishnet Green (VHV)
Fishnet Key Lime (VHV2)
Fishnet Butterscotch-VHJM
VH - Fishnet Rust