Herend Orchid’s Privilige Vase – Limited to 50 pcs.

Limited Edition to 50 pcs. Masterpiece comes with Gift Box, Certificate of Origin and Free Shipping Service
It is a jewel shining in pastel colors among the porcelain pieces. Despite the subdued colors, its wonderful lifelike painting catches the eye. Not by chance one of the world’s most beautiful flowers can be seen in its well, painted by the Herend painters with outstanding craftsmanship – the orchid. This flower was a privilege of wealthy people in the 19th century but today it could be an ornament of any home. It symbolizes love, beauty and, above all, erudition. It is the symbol of child in China, but only few know that it is the appropriate gift for the 28th wedding anniversaryThis rare and special beauty shines now on the world’s most beautiful porcelain!

680 mm (26.77 inch)


230 mm (9.06 inch)


230 mm (9.06 inch)

(USD 29222)