Herend Rowdy Rooster Figurine Reserve Collection


Dimensions (W×H×L): 125 × 265 × 205 mm (4.92 × 10.43 × 8.07 in)

Herend Rowdy Rooster Figurine Reserve Collection

Limited Edition to 250 pcs.

Caught jumping down from his perch, it is clear that the rooster has observed something amiss in the hen house. From his spotted cockscomb to the dramatic, flouncy tail feathers and the hearts he almost wears on his sleeves, this dapper dandy has clearly won the affection of his flock and now he is on a mission to protect them. At the hands of the talented artists at Herend, the prosaic ingredients of porcelain paste and water followed by powdery paint pigments and turpentine give rise to a tense figurine, all fluidity and motion, where the viewer is forever left wondering- what happened next?

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