Herend Tea Set for 2 – Morning Glory / Nyon


Herend Tea Set for 2 – Morning Glory / Nyon

The Tea Set contains the following porcelain items:

1 pc – Tea Pot with Cherry Knob – vol 8 dl (27 OZ) 4243-0-67 NY
1 pc – Sugar Basin with Cherry Knob – vol 1.5 dl (5 OZ) 4246-0-67 NY
1 pc – Creamer – vol 2 dl (6 OZ) 4245-0-00 NY
1 pc – Shell Platter – 44 x 32 cm (17.25″L x 12.5″W) 4250-0-00 NY
2 pc – Tea Cup – vol 2 dl (6 OZ) 4247-2-00 NY
2 pc – Saucer – diam 14.5 cm (5.75″D) 4247-1-00 NY
2 pc – Dessert Plate – diam 19 cm (7.5″D) 4249-0-00 NY
Total: 10 pieces Herend porcelain items
Tea, Coffee, Espresso Sets and Dinner Services are available. This Nyon – Morning Glory pattern Tea Set is available for more persons as well.
About the pattern – Nyon / Morning Glory

This pattern was named after a Swiss town on the banks of Lake Geneva. The ancestors of this pattern first appeared at the end of the 18th century, on ware from a pottery workshop founded there by Jean-Jacques Dortu.

This highly animated pattern consists of flowers twinning round a gold thread that runs round the rim, their nodding cups, swaying leaves and twisting tendrils weaving all over the surface of the porcelain.

Warm and cool shades contrast in the fresh blue of the morning glories, the bright yellow of the centres of their cups and the brownish green of the cheerfully curling leaves. This is what makes this airily romantic pattern so fresh and attractive.

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