Herend Landing Hawk Figurine Reserve Collection


Dimensions (W×H×L): 175 × 225 × 405 mm (6.89 × 8.86 × 15.94 in)

Herend Landing Hawk Figurine Reserve Collection

Limited Edition 150 pcs.

From the precise details of the sculpture to the deliberate and skillful painting, the artists at Herend have once again created a figurine that fully captures the essence of a member of the avian family. This mighty predator can attain speeds of up to 150mph, especially during dives, and this figurine beautifully reflects the energy of the hawk balancing gravity and grace to come in for a smooth landing. Preferring to hunt during the fringe hours of the day, this hawk’s dramatic golden and reddish feathers mirror the colors of the low-hanging sun. Completing the story are the intelligence conveyed by the deep, dark eyes that notice the slightest stirring of the surrounding landscape.

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