Leah Dish – Dream Garden

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Dimensions (H×D): 22 × 210 mm (0.87 × 8.27 in)

The Rothschild décor, in existente since 1850, depicts a charming, harmonious scene with a pair of birds and a pearl necklace. Its name derives from a famous banker family, one of the company’s most significant customers. relying on the jargon used by the manufactory’s painters, the 12 compositions are called “Bouquets”, as if they were some kind of holiday flower bouquets. According to the legend about the pattern “The pearl necklace of the young lady of the Viennese Rothschild family disappeared. The servant girl and the staff were suspected of having commited the theft. However, one day by divine grace they caught a glimpse of the necklace, snagged on a tree branch in the garde, and the culprit magpie alongside”. The thread of this tale is spun further by The Dream Garden decor that was conceived in the course of making the pattern.

The Dream Garden is based on the separation of living and non-living elements and highlights the magical momentums of the original Rothschild “Bouquets”, synthesizing a new content to build a garden, one that we can only dream of. Here birds and trees become treasures as precious as gold. Grass grows both upwards and downwards from the clump of grass, the pearl necklace hanging from the branch defies gravity, the silver-grey weed blossoms into a yellow fluffy ball, magnificent purple leaves are sprouting on the dead tree branch and in this dreamlike space the tiny, timid birds genuinely merge into nature.

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