Open Work Plate – Flower Relief – Fleuraison

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Dimensions (H×D): 37 × 215 mm (1.46 × 8.46 in)

Open Work Plate – Flower Relief – Fleuraison

Beautiful Plate decorated with a 3D flower applications decor slso called as Fleuraison – Flower Relief. This collection is a worthy representative for Herend’s genius of masterpiece art. Detailed elaboration and harmonic color scheme of the objects date back to archetypes of the 19th century.

Each outstanding piece requires great professional skills from the porcelain making experts as designers, mod and painters.

The modelers need to form the three dimensional life-like flower, leaf and branch applications and apply them to onto the object before drying. The painting of these ornaments requires special attention from the painters because the delicate petals are decorated in great detail.

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