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  • Herend-Porcelain-Soup-Plate-20503-NOEL
  • Herend+Plate+Chinese+Bouquet+Rust-00519-0-00 AOG
  • Oval dish - Rothschild Bird
  • 02315-0-00 VHNKN Cake Plate Art Deco Black
  • Cake Plate - New Fishnet Blue Diameter: 32.5 cm * 28.5 cm Handpainted with Herend's brand new Fishnet decor with 24k gold accents - Available in pink, rust, green, black, butterscotch as well!
  • Cake Plate - Royal Garden Blue
  • 00172-0-00 EVICTF1 Royal Garden Flower Cake Plate
  • Dinner Plate - Campanule
  • art deco herend-fishnet-charger-service-plate-blue_lg
  • Herend-Porcelain-Chinese-Bouquet-Blue-00503-0-00-AB-2
  • 07632-0-00 PLVT-4 mEDIUM butterfly jewelry plate
  • Butterflies on Herend porcelain! Not just any of them since Victoria butterflies painted with in-glaze decoration fly in wavy line on the Herend plate. Dreaming about butterflies means airiness and happiness according to the dream book and indicates that the person lives for today. It also symbolizes beauty with its decorated wings and the stages of its transformation and fluttering refers to the soul. Butterfly can renew in a large number of ways every time staying unique, exactly as Herend porcelain for nearly 200 years!
  • Dessert Plate - Queen Victoria
  • Herend-Evictp2-Butterfly-China-17
  • Dessert plate
  • Herend-Porcelain-Children-Set-Fishnet-Blue-Plate-02521-0-00
  • 07633-0-00 PLVT-4 Small Jewellery Tray Butterfly Design
  • 20521-0-00 NY Herend Nyon Desser Plate Morning Glory
  • Herend-Plate-Ocean-Edition-02523-0-00-JY
  • Herend-Plate-Ocean-Edition-02331-0-00-JY
  • Queen Victoria Purple - Salad Plate
  • 02505-0-00 VHNKN Art Deco Black Soup Plate
  • herend-fishnet-rherend-fishnet-rim-soup-bowl-blue ART DECOim-soup-bowl-blue_lg
  • Art Deco Grey Soup Plate 02505-0-00 VHNKG
  • Soup plate - Butterfly Fluttering Spirits 02539-0-00 PLIG
  • 02505-0-00 VHL-PTHerend's siganture fishnet decor is now available in dinner set pieces. Decorates with hand painted platinum edge. Diameter: 22.5 cm - 8.85 inches
  • 20504-0-00 NY Soup Plate This pattern is painted with the famous Nyon - Morning Glory decor. The Nyon - Morning Glory decor with 24 karat Gold is an ideal ornament for any Household or Office.
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