Rothschild Bird Pink Full Fishnet – Dessert Plate


Dimensions (H×D): 25 × 210 mm (0.98 × 8.27 in)

Rothschild Bird Pink Full Fishnet – Dessert Plate

The “Rothschild Bird” dinner service from Herend combines the romantic portrayal of nature, so popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with the mystique of America’s moneyed aristocracy since these hand-painted naturalistically styled birds graced the tables of the Rothschild family for many years. The design includes the depiction of a tree with a gold chain – an allusion to the wealth of this famous banking family.
A brightly feathered pair of songbirds perches on the stylized branch depicted on the plates and cups of “Rothschild Bird”. The Herend porcelain artists have immortalized six different motifs on the porcelain, each showing a pair of different birds. The vernal design has been rounded off with small pastel-colour beetles and butterflies.

The harmonious composition of hand-painted motifs on the “Rothschild Bird” dinnerware from Herend is an anthem to nature and a world-famous masterpiece from the Hungarian porcelain artists.

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