Tea Set for 6 Persons – Queen Victoria

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Tea Set for 6 Persons – Queen Victoria

Tea Set for 6 Persons – Queen Victoria

Herend porcelain Tea Set for 6 Persons – Herend Queen Victoria VBO design.

The Tea Set contains the following porcelain items:
1 pc – Tea Pot – vol 1.2 Liter (40 OZ) 604-0-09 VBO
1 pc – Sugar Basin – vol 2 dl (6 OZ) 6012-0-09 VBA
1 pc – Creamer – vol 1.2 dl (4 OZ) 644-0-00 VBO
1 pc – Cake Plate – 29 x 25 cm (11.5″L x 9.75″W) 430-0-00 VBO
6 pc – Tea Cup – vol 2 dl (6 OZ) 730-2-00 VBO
6 pc – Saucer – diam 14 cm (5.5″D) 706-1-00 VBO
6 pc – Dessert Plate – diam 19 cm (7.5″D) 517-0-00 VBO
Total: 22 pieces Herend porcelain items
Queen Victoria VBO pattern in Tea, Coffee, Espresso Sets and Dinner Services are available.

About the design – Queen Victoria VBO

What is perhaps Herend’s most famous pattern is made up of almost a hundred kinds of stylized butterflies and springs of blossom, painted in cheerful and lively colours. The combination of red, blue, purple, yellow and green butterflies, flowers and sprigs makes a cavalcade for the green of a meadow.
The décor Victoria was unveiled at the Great Exhibition in London 1851, where it scored a huge success. The recognition meant not only a gold medal form the jury, but a commission from the person who gave her name to the pattern. Queen Victoria ordered a table service in the pattern for the Windsor Castle.

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