Tropical Reef, Reserve Collection

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Tropical Reef, Reserve Collection

Tropical Reef Reserve Collection

It takes one Herend painter 4 days to create this masterpiece which consists of 40 different components. Only a complex figurine could properly convey a coral reef- known as the busiest neighborhood in the ocean. Often referred to as the rainforest of the sea, the diversity and colors of the animals inhabiting a coral reef is unmatched anywhere else in the aquatic realm.

With Herend’s tropical reef the viewer has stumbled on a symphonic fishnet celebration with blue, key lime, and butterscotch fish dancing through the welcoming arms of a key lime coral dappled with 24K gold. Conch shells, sea snails, brain coral and starfish, while not as exuberant as their fish friends, add their own style of fun to the neighborhood party. Standing 13 1/2 inches tall the tropical reef figurine comes in a luxury case and is available in a limited edition of 100

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